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How much paint will I need?
  • Measure the width and height of your walls and multiply the two together to work out the overall square metre measurement.
  • You can then substract the area covered by doors and windows, or any other areas you do not wish to paint.
  • Once you know the overall area, divide this by the paints coverage per litre, for Stonelux Paints this is approximately 2.5 (which includes the recommended 3 coats).
  • You can also use our Paint Calculator
  • Please note that our paint calculator does not take account of spaces you do not wish to paint. This advie is for guidance only, as coverage can vary accoridng to the nature of the substrate and coat thickness.

What type of brush should I use?

We recommend that you use natural bristled brushes.

Natural bristled brushes are not normally recommended for use with waterbased paints, however, the softness of the bristles are ideal for applying Stonelux Paints. These Natural Bristled Economy Brushes have less bristles than a standard brush, which helps prevent the build-up of ground stone within the brush itself, resulting in ease of application and a perfect finish.

How many coats will I need?

We recommend that you apply one coat of Primer (a second coat of Primer can be applied where there is a significant colour change). As our Stonelux® Paints are made with natural stone, we recommend a minimum of 3 coats of your chosen topcoat for a full and accurate depth of colour. Building our paints layer by layer, will ensure a beautiful, even, and hardwearing stone finish to your project.

What do I use to rinse out/clean my paintbrushes?

All our paints are water-based, which means you can simply use water to clean your equipment.

If you've finsihed painting, scrape as much excess paint off the brush/roller as you can before cleaning in warm water.

If you haven't finished painting and want to keep your brush/roller fresh overnight, simply wrap in an airtight plastic bag or cling film and seal tightly around the handle with tape.

Do I need to use Stonelux® Primer

We always recommend using Stonelux® Primer & Undercoat before any application of Stonelux Paints. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Our Primer & Undercoat adheres to the substrate to form a binding layer that is better prepared for application of all Stonelux® Paints.
  2. Use of Primer & Undercoat results in a better, more durable and longer lasting finish.
  3. Our Primer is also an Undercoat and helps with coverage, ensuring you achieve a full depth of colour with minimal coats of Stonelux® Paints.

What do I use to rinse out/clean my paintbrushes?

We offer 2 main types of finish: Standard Stone and Stone Flecks in Fireplace Stone Coating, Inglenook Fireside, Garden Stone Coating, Interior Stone Coating and Windowsill Stone Coating. We offer and additional 2 types of finish in The Stone Range: Flat and Acid Etched.

Standard Stone